With a highly trained staff of dedicated professionals, we focus on quality of life and maximum comfort and are ready to adapt as your needs evolve. We also serve as a resource for loved ones as they go through their own emotional journeys, make important decisions, and learn how to best care for you during this time. For as long as care is required, we are committed to you and your family.

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Harmony Hospice is a community-based care provider that offers hospice care to terminally ill patients in their preferred locations, including at home, assisted living, hospitals, nursing homes, or other settings throughout Rhode Island.

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To affirm life during its final stages by providing holistic, compassionate care to patients and their families; care that is individualized and tailored to the exact needs of each patient which leads to a dignified, honorable, and comforting experience to all we serve

We invite you to reach out to us to learn how we can support you and your family.

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Attending Physician
Medical Director
Hospice Nurse
Social Worker
Home Health Aides
Bereavement Team

Attending Physician. This is the primary caregiver who certifies a terminal diagnosis, then establishes a plan of care for the patient. S/he oversees the care plan with the medical director and the rest of the care team.

Medical Director. Along with the attending physician, the medical director establishes a care plan with the team. S/he also coordinates with other physicians and specialists as needed.

Hospice Nurse. These are the individuals with whom the patient and loved ones will spend the most time. Throughout regular visits, they coordinate with the attending physician and the rest of the team to carry out the plan of care, as well as offer symptom and pain management. Hospice nurses also train the family in caregiving and confer with them on the patients’ progress.

Social Worker. Social workers work with the patient and loved ones to address emotional, social, and spiritual needs. They offer counseling, support, coping strategies, and resources that provide additional support during this emotional time.

Home Health Aides. HHA’s provide personal care to the patient, including bathing and grooming, laundry, and other needs. They also provide emotional support for loved ones and confer with nurses regarding updates with the patient.

Chaplain. Our non-denominational Chaplains offer the patient and family emotional and spiritual support. This may include spiritual counseling, connection to other clergy members, and preparation for memorial or funeral arrangements.

Bereavement Team. Bereavement counselors support family members and loved ones through the grief process and help facilitate services or other ceremonies to honor the memory of those lost.  This service continues for up to 13 months after passing.

Volunteers. These individuals devote their time and energy to offering non-medical support to the patient and their families. This may include running errands or talking with family members. They may also assist at the time of death and provide other support during the bereavement and grief process.

Harmony Hospice . . . Where compassionate care comes from the heart!

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